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Back pain, Stenosis, Kness pain, Degenerative arthritis, Ancle sprain

For Whom : People who have been hurt while playing sports or who have sports dysfunction.
Possible diseases and Affected areas : Failure and damage to the musculoskeletal system of the whole body Dysfunction.
The Method of Treatment : Using modality at the damaged area to reduce pain and create a smooth joint.
Objective : After treatment, the patient will be able to go back to his or her general work and sports routine without pain.

  • Low rate of complain.
  • High rate of Satisfaction
  • Unity therapists well and make a good atmosphere.
  • Possible treated area is wide in body.
  • Provide clean gowns for patients daily.
  • Good and silent environment that can easily provide concentration for treatment.
  • Available treatment room for professional sports players.

Observe patients when entering to analyze patients' conditions, i.e. expression, walking pattern, balance and injection therapy…
Lead patients to a proper bed after considering their symptoms.
If there is no bed available ask patients to wait.
Priority patients are reserved patients
First explain the PT order and treat.
Notice first which patients will take more time than expected.
Categorize affective area tissue first, contractibility or non-contractive, and then treat.
Use a hot-pack or ice-pack properly.
To control pains, use electric therapy and use ultrasonic waves for heat therapy.
After Treatment, schedule an appointment for the patient one to two weeks after the operation.
For Clinical Patients , confirmed that by checking other treatments and guide them.

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