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Only For Athletes.

The Sports Conditioning Center at Sky Hospital is a center only for athletes. The center is not merely a place for treating sports injuries, healing wounds and rehabilitation exercises. It is a program that is for continued sports ability through conditioning exercise.

Therapy room | Exercise room

The Center was made with the satisfaction of patients in mind and therefore the Treatment Room and Exercise Area exist within the same space.

1:2 Athlete Management System

Physical Therapist > Athleter > Exercise therapist

At the time of visiting the center, following a physical examination that will lay the groundwork for your consultants, a program will be prescribed by two trainers, your physical therapist and exercise therapist.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation exercise system
Inspection and Evaluation, Treatment plan configuration, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation > Return(back to your team) : Therapeutic equipment in the Treatment Room

To cure patients, we use basic physical therapy equipment for standard treatments, but we also use external shock wave equipment and lasers that have been gaining favor as non-invasive treatments.

Equipment in Workout Rehabilitation

We are well-equipped with various weight machine, all sorts of small tools and aerobic equipment to improve the physical condition of athletes and their affected areas.

Providing Results

For athletes who cannot receive treatments with their guardians present, professional employees in the center will attend the treatment sessions and deliver the important results to the guardians.

External Activities and Outside Support

Doctors from the facility do not merely work in hospitals but also on the field. When working in the field, they support the athletes for both prevention of injuries and their remedy.

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