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Straight neck syndrome, Upper&Lower cross syndrome, Scoliosis, Genu valgum&varus, Myofacial pain syndrome

Physical therapy room : ordinary physical therapy, heating pack, electric therapy, ultra sound therapy, ESWT, Cryo
Excercise Therapy Room : body measurement system ,Pilates vertical reformer, Multi-sling system, Isotonic Exercise Equipment
Manual therapy Room : Robot corrector, vertebral pressure reducer, Correction table, Chiro Park

Physical Therapy Room

In this part, you can get an ordinary physical therapy like heating pack, electric therapy, ultra sound therapy. Also we carry out a special therapy - ESWT(Extracorporeal shockwave therapy), Cryo(Neurocryostimulation)


As the ESWT apply to a calcified and adhesive tissue, it brake the tissue and regenerate the blood vessels.


After Cryo therapy, it increases blood circulation, temperature of tissue on its part. This is a booster effect of Cryo therapy. At that time, a tissue damage on its part can be treated by increasing oxyzen and nutrition supply.

Excercise Therapy Room

The imbalance made from incorrect posture or tissue damage causes pain or discomfort in daily activity.(cause of pain)
After measuring a body alignment of anterior - posterior & left - right with using GPS system, The factor projecting the imbalance can be removed through strengthening and stretching exercises based on self control movements.
The normal movement pattern is recovered with application of gait correction program.
Also we provide a self-exercise(Home Exercise) to continue an effect of exercise in daily activity.
(extensity of exercise)

Whole body measurement system(Global Postural System) allows evaluation of static balance, treatment and exercise.

Pilates vertical reformer, is the best revolutionary body work concept introduced in the 21st century

Multi-sling system is used in retraining of sensory-motor nerves.

Isotonic Exercise Equipment for correction of lower extremity joint deformation.

Manual therapy Room

Vertebral disorders including HNP(disc), Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, spondylosis etc.

The new generation of disk decompressor reduces the drawbacks of the traditional linear-type models, as it now allows the direct manual treatment along with the decompression procedure.

* Flexion, extension, rotation and side-flexion is formed in ideal near anti-gravitational condition.
*In Acute vertebral disorder, traction is directly applied to the lesion to decompress and control the pain. In more progressed stages, by protecting the damaged tissues and modulating the surrounding vertebrae flexion-extention, rotation and side-flexion is progressively recovered.

Vertebral disorders including HNP(disc), Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, spondylosis etc.

* By applying muscle extension, decompression and extension all at the same time, relocation of herniated disk to its proper location is induced and the body's natural regenerating capability is improved by re-hydration, supply of sufficient nutrients and increasing the blood flow to the damaged lesion.
* Unlike the traditional traction and pressure reducing devices, muscle extension and posture correction returns the vertebrae to its original state and as the muscular and ligamental dilation is induced, strong decompression is applied to maximized the efficiency of the treatment.

* [Sacral region] With the pre-set elasticity of the spring, the sacrum is supported to correct the deformed lumbar vertebrae. In patients

with herniated disk in lumbar region, most frequent L4~5, L5~Sacrum region is precisely targeted to reduced the treatment period and increase correction of the posture. Moreover, sciatica, most common in patients with lumbar herniations, is effectively treated.
*[Gluteal& Cranial Region] The correction of complete vertebral column is made through simultaneous treatment of Cervices and Lumbar region.

Body correction including straight neck, round shoulder, scoliosis, pes planus(flat foot)

* By utilizing the table's automated angle formation, traction and manual treatment system, mis-alignments are returned to its ideal position and the overall posture is properly fixated.
* It can adjust a body with drop technique.

*By redirecting the ideal alignments of hip, ankle joint or pelvic and shoulder girdle, the range of shoulder joints are recovered. And by treating the movements within the inter-vertebral regions, the posture is properly regained.

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