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Health : A physical training supplant drug and a laugh supplant physical training
Specialty : The medical treatment which leads the motion treatment which is professionalized
Technical : The spearhead medical treatment faciliy and kindness service spirit

Our experienced professionals always work together to deliver the best possible care to all visiting customers to help and reduce their physical discomforts and to pursue their pre-injury lifestyle quickly and safely as possible. All our passionate and dedicated staffs promise to serve the local community and to contribute to the greater development in the field of sports medicine and physiotherapy.

We are most determined to provide every visiting patient with credible services, skilled practitioners, and passionate and hospitable treatments.

Sports Lower Rehabilitation

This is the Sports Lower Rehabilitation Center. At this center, our staffs provide more scientific and systematical approaches to anatomies to treat overall lower body injuries as well as diseases prone to affect patients’ pelvis, knee, and ankle.

We are also proud to offer isokinetic contraction exercise using BIODEX, muscular strength or muscle endurance training, full body care using slings, core stability training, specialized weight bearing exercise using AGT (Anti-Gravity Treadmill) patients especially having difficulties with weight support, and other training programs using props to improve and exhibit more efficient and stable body and muscle movements (strength, endurance, explosive muscular strength, flexibility, agility, stability and etc.) required for participating in various sports and sustaining healthy daily lives.

Sports upper Rehabilitation

We will be responsible for the health of the upper limb and improvements in sports ability
Upper limb rehabilitation sports center is targeting a successful return from injury of the upper limb in the field of everyday life and Sports. Center adapted specialized sports equipment, sports rehabilitation and exercise program to suit the characteristics of different disciplines

  • ROM (Range of motion) test and MMT (Manual Muscle Test)
  • Biodex test and training
  • Sling exercise

Sports Spine Rehabilitation

SKY Sports Spine Rehabilitation Center would help to your good spine and sports enhancement to proper sports rehabilitation services!

We have a goal to return to your healthy life after spinal cord injury. We use the equipment for sport rehabilitation and make for individuals optimized rehabilitation exercise program.

Movement test + Sports rehabilitation + Individual exercise program = Balaced Functional movement Improvement & Healthy Life

Sports functional rehabilization

Sports functional rehabilization center for general public is performed personalized rehabilization program to determine the functional demage as well as structural demage.
Also they can safely enjoy the usual leisure sports for education to injury prevention and corrective movement.

The players during the off-season performed education and exercise to feature activation and injury prevation.
Also professional rehabilization progran is underway to injury site.
The periodic muscular Check and custom movement is performed using specialized equipment to measure the strength and purpose of the basic physical strength increases, performance increases, and the reduction ratio of the injured professional chiryojin and the program is in progress.

So you can create return to the game as soon as possible put progress detailed rehabilization program to good use to determine the extent of the injury in the event of the season.

Function, Lower, Upper, Spine

Correct muscular strength & posture evaluation by the most advanced equipment

Improved functional movement through rehabilitation exercise training for injuried elite athletes

Individual 1:1 or 1:2 rehabilitation exercise training

Mobility improvement of stiff joints., Sensory-motor training of muscles and joints, muscular strengthening, Muscle stabilization improvement


  • ROM (Range of motion) test
  • MMT (Manual Muscle Test)
  • Biodex test.
  • Centaur(Posture stability Test)

Training & Exercise

  • Biodex test and training
  • Sling exercise
  • Centaur Exercise
  • Anti-Gravity Treadmill ( gait exercise)

ROM (Range of motion) test and MMT (Manual Muscle Test)

(ROM) test measures the scientific flexibility of shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers. (MMT) test measures the strength and movement of each joints and muscles.

Biodex test and training

Based on the inspection, we can find a group of muscles that cause imbalance and then strengthen it. By performing the exercise that suits each individual, we can perform fundamental treatment and prevent the recurrence of pain. Force (Torque) generated by the muscle during the exercise can be represented by the graph, it is even possible to give feedback to the patient

Sling exercise

Sling Exercise can get the effect of underwater exercise in the ground. By using the sling that is fixed, patient can be freed from the gravity and weight. This is an effective exercise that enables smooth body movement by reducing the pain. Moreover, sling exercise can be effective in training local stabilizer muscles, which is very important for patients who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal disorders.


  • Improve mobility of a rigid joint
  • Relax the muscles and joints attached to the kidney
  • Train muscular, joint sense. 4. Stabilization of muscle movement

Centaur Exercise (Posture stability Test & Training)

Centaur can make sure to test muscular strength of spine the human body have accordings to 3D view, after that usually conduct 8 direction training to examine muscular strength of spine unbalanced and fix deep mucsles infirmed, as a result, it can cause improvement of propriceptor patients having problem with spine need, at the sametime, Centaur could be the most advanced to help achivation of the nervous system and make helty spine.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill (gait exercise)

A.G.T. is available to adjust stress of joint and monitor while walking. Therefore it is effective to decrese an impact of disk, prevent arch problem at foot and ankle pattern changed.

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