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About Seniors Center

Senior Center offers advanced medical services that can receive Soft-tissue therapy and fluid therapy in one operatory without to move.

In addition, it is essential to the patient who regularly visited for long-term management.

Soft-tissue Therapy

Soft-tissue therapy is systematic and scientific therapeutic method that leads output effect of musculoskeletal system and the nervous system and topical or Overall circulation of blood and the lymphatic system.
Basic manual therapy is based on Myofaciae relaxation(MFR) techniques and Soft-tissue techniques(STT). In addition, Stretching, oil massage and therapeutic equipment are used.

Fluid Therapy

Fluid Therapy recover one's immune vitalization, pain relief, and acceleration of injury recovery by giving water, electrolyte and nutrition through the vein.


  • Slight muscular pain relief
  • Circulation improvement in blood and lymph
  • Oxygen and nutritional supply at tissue
  • Fatigue recovery and Edema anagement

Immuno therapy

  • Photon therapy irradiate the optimal UV on the blood.
  • Removal old diseased cells & Regeneration healthy cells
    → Re moval of Contaminated blood virus and bacteria
  • Blood Circulation improvement
  • Level of immunity reinforcement, Assistance of Anticancer therapy, Detoxification
  • Sex function reinforcement, River function improvement, Pain relief
  • Chronic fatigue improvement, Acceleration of injury recovery

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